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Metering Systems

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    Shot sizes from 0,001 to 52 cc

    • - Offers exceptional performance with a range of material viscosities – from water thin to paste consistency
    • - Features on/off valves for continuous bead applications
    • - Lightweight,compact design is easy to integrate with automated equipment
    • - Simple valve design means easy maintenance
    • - Precise,repeatable shot-to-shot or bead dispensing
    Used in: Automotive / Electronics
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    Shot sizes up to 1 cc or continuous flow from 6cc to 22500 cc/min

    • - Automatically adjusts to compensate changes in material temperature/viscosity or dispense rate according to robot speed
    • - Able to handle ambient, warm- or hot-melt material
    • - Continuous flow: from 6 cc to 22500 cc/min
    • - Dispenses shots <1CC
    • - Plug in communication protocol for PROFIBUS™, PROFINET™, DeviceNet™, EtherNet/IP™ and Discrete I/O
    • - Stores historical data for all jobs
    Used in: Transportation / White Goods / Filters / Automotive / Electronics
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    Continuous flow up to 1600 cc/min

    Progressive cavity pump
    • - Does not break or damage abrasive fillers
    • - Continuous, volumetric dispense
    • - Compact size and light weight
    • - Wide range of adjustable flow rates
    • - Wear resistant and low maintenance
    • - High repeatability and accuracy +/- 1% over entire material pot life
    Used in: Automotive / Electronics
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